ISGUC The Journal of Industrial Relations and Human Resources | VOL. 11

Flexicurity And Its Effects On Legal Regulations Throughout Europe

Publication Date Dec 1, 2009


Globalization, the acceleration of economic integration, technological advancement which enables the SMEs to compete with big companies, ageing population, the low rate of birth and the segmentation of labour force during 1980’s and 1990’s are the foundation of European Employment Strategy which was created in 1997. The strategy is followed by the most important objective put forward in Lisbon Strategy of 2000 that shaped Europe’s first decade of 21st century : making the EU "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion". The Lisbon Strategy constitutes a dilemma, however, for European companies, institutions, governments, labour force and the EU itself. The companies need to work in a flexible labour markets, flexible work organizations and flexible employment conditions to compete and survive in a global economy. The labour force, on the other hand, needs strengthened social security, especially increased social programs for vulnerable groups alongside the flexibility options for increased quality of life. The remedy of this dilemma is one of the most important current socio-political subjects of Europe : Flexicurity. This article investigates the born and the meaning of the term flexicurity, its principles and elements and its effects on the labour regulations throughout Europe. The legal changes in different countries from different social model within Europe are presented. The flexicurity programs in Tu...


Greater Social Cohesion Dynamic Knowledge-based Economy Labour Force Lisbon Strategy Big Companies Legal Changes Legal Regulations Labour Legislation Social Model Global Economy

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