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Full paper/summary audio
Read & Listen in 30+ languages
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Auto-Sync reading lists with Zotero & Mendeley
Full paper/summary audio
Read & Listen in 30+ languages
Collaborate on reading lists
Create multiple feeds
Auto-Sync reading lists with Zotero & Mendeley
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Frequently Asked Questions About R Discovery

Who can use and benefit from R Discovery? Faqs

R Discovery is an app for students and researchers to simplify literature search and research reading, but it can be used by anyone interested in scholarly pursuits. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to seamless research reading with R Discovery, which instantly creates personalized reading feeds based on your interests, so you’re always updated on the latest, most relevant academic research for you!

What content will I find on R Discovery? Faqs

R Discovery hosts content from top aggregators like PubMed, PubMed Central, CrossRef, Unpaywall, Open Alex and top academic research publications, including Wiley, Elsevier, Springer Nature, IOP, SAGE, Taylor & Francis, NEJM, Emerald Publishing, BMJ, Karger, and more. Elevate your research reading experience with access to 250M+ research articles, including 40M+ open access articles, across 32,000 journals as well as 2M+ preprints and 7.5M+ patents.

How can R Discovery help me find relevant academic research papers? Faqs

Once you enter your reading preferences, R Discovery’s robust AI algorithm scans its academic research database to identify and prioritize the top reads for you based on your topics of interest. Users can also search by paper title and abstract or find academic research papers on specific topics or from a specific journal. Simply filter by publication type or date, access type, journals, authors, or relevance to fine-tune the academic research results. The best part, R Discovery’s AI learns from past searches and the kind of academic research papers you like on the app to refine its suggestions, ensuring you have the very best research reading experience.

What are R Discovery’s best features to support researchers? Faqs

R Discovery’s unique features are designed to help you save time and improve your literature search and research reading! Read free scientific articles from the most trustworthy global academic research database, cleaned to remove duplication, eliminate ambiguities in journal, publisher, author names, and exclude predatory content. Benefit from our daily research reading recommendations, curated feeds, institutional access to paywalled journal articles, smart summaries, and new research alerts. Redefine your research reading with R Discovery Prime, which lets you listen to research on the go, read research in your language, collaborate on shared reading lists, and automatically sync your library with reference managers. It’s all you need and more to take your academic research to the next level.

How can I access R Discovery for my academic research projects? Faqs

R Discovery allows you to effortlessly switch between mobile and web depending on your academic research reading habits. Simply register for free and enter your topics of interest to set up your feed and start getting relevant academic research reading recommendations for your research project. Browse online at or download the free R Discovery app (recommended), which comes with additional app-only Prime features, from Google Play or the App Store.

Is R Discovery free or a paid app/product? Faqs

R Discovery is free to install and use for anyone who wants to stay updated and create an impact with their research. Once you download the app for free on your Android or iOS operating system, it only takes a few minutes to register and setup your academic research library. Explore for free or get an R Discovery Prime subscription to unlock unlimited Prime benefits at just $12/month or $24/quarter or $72/year.

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