The study aimed to examine the mediating role of organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) in the relationship between the dark triad (DTC) and intention to leave (TOI). A sample of 412 employees, with a minimum of five years of experience, were selected from various sectors in Turkey. Participants completed self-report measures and data analyzed with SPSS 26.00 and Smart PLS 4. The results revealed significant positive effects of DTC on TOI. On the other hand, OCB demonstrated a negative effect on TOI. Furthermore, DTC hurt OCB. The mediation analysis demonstrated that OCB played a significant mediating role in reducing the effect of the DTC on TOI. The findings underscore the detrimental influence of DTC on TOI among employees across diverse sectors in Turkey, emphasizing the importance of fostering OCB as a means to mitigate the negative consequences of DTC on TOI.

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