Events of stratospheric intrusions to the surface (SITS) can lead to severe ozone (O3) pollution. Still, to what extent SITS events impact surface O3 on a national scale over years remains a long-lasting question, mainly due to difficulty of resolving three key SITS metrics: frequency, duration and intensity. Here, we identify 27,616 SITS events over China during 2015-2022 based on spatiotemporally dense surface measurements of O3 and carbon monoxide, two effective indicators of SITS. An overview of the three metrics is presented, illustrating large influences of SITS on surface O3 in China. We find that SITS events occur preferentially in high-elevation regions, while those in plain regions are more intense. SITS enhances surface O3 by 20 ppbv on average, contributing to 30-45% of O3 during SITS periods. Nationally, SITS-induced O3 peaks in spring and autumn, while over 70% of SITS events during the warm months exacerbate O3 pollution. Over 2015-2022, SITS-induced O3 shows a declining trend. Our observation-based results can have implications for O3 mitigation policies in short and long terms.

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