Materials and Chemistry: An Introduction to the Design of Lowdimensional Solids J. Rouxel. Molybdenum and Tungsten Bronzes: Lowdimensional Metals with Unusual Properties M. Greenblatt. Nanostructures of Lowdimensional Oxides: Nature and Role of Defects M. Hervieu. Misfit Layer Compounds (MX)1+x(TX)2m M=Pb, Bi, Sn T=Ti, V, Cr, Ta, Nb X=S, Se, 0.08 < GBPY/YGBP < 0.28 n = 1, 2, 3 J. Rouxel, A. Meerschaut. Clusters in Reduced Molybdenum and Tungsten Oxideand Sulfide Systems R.E. McCarley. New Materials from Reactions in Intermediate Temperature Molten Salts: Synthetic Methodologies for Multinary Solid State Chalcogenides M.G. Kanatzidis. Introduction to Charge Density Waves, Spin Density Waves and Wigner Crystals: Density Waves in Solids G. Gruner. Charge Density Waves in Quasi Two Dimensional Conductors: Molybdenum and Phosphate Tungsten Bronzes C. Schlenker. Organic Superconductors and Spin Density Waves D. Jerome. Wigner Crystals P.B. Littlewood et al. Structural Studies: Structural and Dynamical Aspects of the Charge Density Wave Instability J.P. Pouget. Incommensurately Modulated Structuresof Inorganic Charge Density Wave Compounds S. van Smaalen. Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscopy on Charge Density Wave and Related Materials R. Wiesendanger. Interpreting Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscopy Images M.H. Whangbo, J. Ren. Electronic Structures: Theory and Experiment: The Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Oxides and Chalcogenides P.A. Cox. Fermi Surface Nesting and ElectronicInstabilities in Transition Metal Oxides and Bronzes E. Canadell, M.H. Whangbo. Structural and Electronic Instabilities of Transition Metal Chacogenides M.H. Whangbo, et al. Photoemission Studies in Transition Metal Chalcogenides D.Malterre, et al. Angle Resolved Photoemission and Resonant Photoemission Studies of Quasi Lowdimensional Oxide Conductors: Fermi Surface and Defects K.E. Smith, et al. Fermi and Luttinger Liquids in Lowdimensional Metals C. Castellani, C. DiCastro. Thermal Properties and Excitations: Thermal Lattice Fluctuations in Quasi Onedimensional Conductors: OpticalExperiments L. Degiorgi, et al. Elastic and Thermal Properties of Lowdimensional Conductors J.W. Brill. Glassy Behavior and Metastability in the Charge or Spin Density Wave State K. Biljakovic. Dynamics of Charge and Spin Density Waves: Nonlinear Transport, Dislocations, and Plasticity: Introduction to Charge Density Wave Transport: Basic Phenomena and Models P. Monceau. Theory of Charge and Spin Density Wave Transport W. Wonneberger. Dislocations in the Charge Density Wave State of Nobium Triselenide: I Phase Slip Properties: II Bulk Charge Density Wave Transport J.C. Gill. Charge Density Wave Dynamics in the Blue Bronzes A0.30MoO3 (A = K, Rb) J. Dumas. Photoinduced Properties of Charge Density Wave Materials G. Mihaly. 2 additional articles. Index.

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