ed in fur farming in the Russian Federation. In the literature, there are often materials on the anatomy of representatives of the mustelid family, such as the American mink, American polecat, American marten and others. Along with this, in modern morphology there is practically no information about the anatomy of sables, and in particular about the black Pushkin breed. The purpose of this study is to study the structural features of the liver in the Pushkin black sable breed, as well as to determine its morphometric characteristics in the studied animals. During the study, the corpses of the black sable Pushkin breed were used. In total, fifteen corpses of sables of the black Pushkin breed aged two to three years were examined. To study the structural features of the liver, traditional anatomical techniques were used. According to the results of the study, it was found that the sable of the black Pushkin breed has six lobes, since the average lobe has no independent significance in the anatomy of the liver; the most developed lobes of the liver are the right medial lobe and the left lateral, and the least developed square and caudate lobes.

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