Statistika: Statistics and Economy Journal | VOL. 102

Is Gender Earnings Gap a Reality? Signals from Indian Labour Market

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


We examined the persistence of the gender earnings gap across diverged occupational groups and the workers owning diverged work status in India using the relevant information on 94 446 workers from the Periodic Labour Force Survey (2017–18). The marginal mean earning of workers is estimated using GLM: ANCOVA. The findings report the persistence of significant gender earnings gap across the occupational structure and work status of workers. The elimination of demotivating factors leading to the gender earnings gap, removal of gender discrimination, enhancing the self-esteem of females, raising productivity potential by augmenting the professional/vocational education and policies for increased female work participation is the need of the hour.


Gender Earnings Gap Periodic Labour Force Survey Indian Labour Market Occupational Structure Work Status Relevant Information Periodic Survey Diverged Groups Occupational Work Periodic Force

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