Pesticide residues in foods are reported for the 5-year period 1978-1982 [fiscal years (FY) 78-82]. Results were compiled from the 2 complementary elements that comprise the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) program for monitoring pesticide residues in foods. Under regulatory monitoring, which focuses on residues in raw agricultural commodities, a total of 49,877 samples (30,361 domestic and 19,516 import) that included fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, milk and dairy products, seafoods, and a variety of processed foods were analyzed. No residues were found in about 55 and 44% of the domestic and import samples, respectively. About 3% of the domestic and 7% of the import samples were classed as violative. Data from the Total Diet Study, which is conducted to determine dietary intakes of a variety of chemicals, showed that residues of 42 pesticides were found in 1044 composites of table-ready foods. Results of FDA's monitoring for FY78-82 demonstrate that pesticide residue levels in the U.S. food supply were generally well below regulatory limits, and dietary intakes were manyfold lower than the Acceptable Daily Intakes established by international agencies.

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