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Food Acquisition, Availability, and Allocation in Urban Alaska

Publication Date Jun 1, 1991


Food acquisition practices and related attitudes of urban Alaskan consumers as affected by setting and resource availability and allocation were examined. Pri mary food purchasers (N = 400) were surveyed by telephone. Frequency re sponse was tabulated, and relationships were delineated using chi-square anal ysis. Responses were compared to a national profile where appropriate. Urban Alaskans, like consumers in the contiguous 48 states, expected a nutritious, safe, and abundant food supply of high quality. These consumers were most dissatis fied with the quality of available fresh products, particularly produce. Convenient supermarkets were the major channel through which food was obtained, al though large numbers of urban Alaskans participated in subsistence activities. Smaller numbers frequented alternative vendors. Urban Alaskans were more aware of food processing and food safety problems than were their national counterparts. Despite this awareness, concerns existed about nutrition, health, and the food supply. Dissemination of nutrition information through newspapers will reach the largest segment of Alaskan primary food purchasers.

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Urban Alaska
Pri Mary Food Purchasers
Food Safety Problems
National Counterparts
Subsistence Activities
Food Acquisition
Food Purchasers
Fresh Products
Chi-square Analysis
Major Channel

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