Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition | VOL. 11

Focusing on novel foods: Their role, potential and safety

Publication Date Sep 26, 2002


Role and potential If we systematically consider the scope for sustainable and healthy human communities, we arrive at an extensive list of general and particular possibilities and roles for foodstuffs (Table 1).2 These range from how we might eat in a way to safeguard the future food supply, to food adequacy, for those with marginal intakes, to the reduction in the burden of disease at all stages of economic development, and to the complex array of health problems that may shorten lifespan and increase morbidity. Such an analysis provides much stimulus to the healthcare sector in its quest for more preventive, affordable and effective reductions in the burden of disease, and to the food supply industry, which seeks to provide foods in a way that is enjoyable, safe, secure and, hopefully, health-promoting, aside from being profitable.


Stages Of Economic Development Burden Of Disease Marginal Intakes Food Supply Healthy Communities Future Supply Sustainable Communities General Roles Stages Of Development Food Supply Industry

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