Ensuring equity and access in higher education has become a paramount concern for institutions, policymakers, and stakeholders worldwide. This review delves into the legal frameworks and management strategies essential for promoting equity and access within higher education systems. Firstly, legal perspectives provide a foundation for understanding the rights and responsibilities of both institutions and students. Various laws and regulations, including affirmative action policies, anti-discrimination statutes, and accessibility mandates, shape the legal landscape of higher education equity. Analyzing landmark court cases and legislative acts elucidates the evolving nature of these legal frameworks and their implications for fostering inclusive environments. Secondly, effective management strategies play a pivotal role in translating legal mandates into actionable initiatives. Institutional leaders must prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts across all facets of academic and administrative operations. Implementing proactive recruitment and retention practices, establishing support services for underrepresented groups, and fostering a culture of inclusivity are among the key strategies employed to enhance accessibility and promote equity. Moreover, leveraging technology and data analytics can facilitate evidence-based decision-making and resource allocation, thereby addressing disparities in educational outcomes. Collaborative partnerships with community organizations, government agencies, and industry stakeholders also amplify the impact of equity initiatives and expand access to higher education opportunities. Navigating the complex intersection of legal requirements and management imperatives is essential for advancing equity and access in higher education. By embracing a holistic approach that combines legal compliance with strategic planning and proactive interventions, institutions can foster environments where all individuals have equitable opportunities to succeed and thrive academically.

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