Introduction: Access, Equity, and Capacity D.E. Neubauer & Y.Tanaka Access, Equity, Capacity: Initiating Some Distinctions D.E.Neubauer & J.N.Hawkins Variations on Equity and Access in Higher Education in Asia J.N.Hawkins Defining and Measuring Capacity in Asia Pacific Higher Education D.E.Neubauer A New World Order? The Emergence of 'Structured Opportunity Markets' in Higher Education J.A.Douglass Equity and Access in a Constantly Expanding Indonesian Higher Education System I.Abdulla Quality as Key in Vietnam's Passage to Educational Integration B.Phuong Lan The Dilemma of Higher Education Policy Choices in Japan Y.Tanaka Aligning Capacity with Needs in the Process of Massification of Higher Education in China: Northeast Normal University as a Case Y.Zhong Access, Equity and Capacity: Concepts and Practices vs. National Development and Demographic Shifts of Malaysian Higher Education A.Bin Hussein, Z.Mohd Fahmi, & B.Vassu Social Justice, Equal Access, and Stratification of Higher Education in Taiwan Y.Shen-Keng & C.Sheng-Yao Access, Equity, Capacity in Asia Pacific Higher Education: Managing the Trade-Offs in the Philippines E.de Jesus The Effect of Cross-Border Provision on Higher Education Access, Equity and Capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region C.Ziguras Tensions between Autonomy and Accountability: Access, Equity, and Capacity in Korean Higher Education M.Yeom Two Decades of Rapid Higher Education Change: Losses and Gains in Equity, Capacity, and Access in Asia Pacific Higher Education Y.Tanaka & D.E.Neubauer

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