We assessed the effect of enteral ecoimmunonutrition (enteral nutrition involving probiotics and immune nutrients) on gastric cancer in the postoperative period. In total, 60 patients with gastric cancer were randomized into an enteral ecoimmunonutrition group or an enteral nutrition group. Information on postoperative complications; hospitalization length; time to first bowel movement and first flatus; and differences between preoperative and postoperative nutritional status, inflammatory reactions, and immune function was collected. No significant between-group differences in nutritional status and complications were observed. C-reactive protein concentrations were lower in the enteral ecoimmunonutrition group than in the enteral nutrition group on postoperative day 7 (p<0.001) and CD4+ concentrations were significantly higher (p=0.01). The enteral ecoimmunonutrition group had a significantly shorter time to first flatus than the enteral nutrition group (p=0.03). Early postoperative enteral ecoimmunonutrition significantly improved immune function, reduced inflammatory responses, and promoted intestinal function recovery in patients with gastric cancer undergoing gastrectomy.

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