International Journal of Ecology | VOL. 06

A Dynamic Evaluation of Agro-Ecosystem at Local Levels—Using Anyang City, Henan Province 2008-2014 as an Example

Publication Date Apr 28, 2017


目前农田生态系统价值评价较多关注大尺度空间区域,地方上的动态评价很少,县市等地方政府制定农业资源管理等政策时缺少数据支撑。本文使用文献调查法获得河南省安阳市2008~2014有关数据,基于农田生态系统正负效应评价法核算了安阳市这七年农田生态系统提供的正效应和负效应价值,分析了动态变化,其中正效应包括农产品生产、社会保障、土壤保持、土壤固碳、光合作用释氧、净化大气以及维持营养物质循环,负效应包括地下水资源消耗、温室气体排放、地膜污染、农药损失和化肥流失。结果显示,安阳市农田生态系统正效应价值以约10 × 108元/年的速度增长,2014年接近760 × 108元,其中农产品生产的价值最大,约占33%,而土壤固碳等非生产性价值是主体,占总价值近67%;负效应价值基本趋势也是逐年增长,2014年约为83×108元,负效应以地下水消耗为主,占72%以上,其次是温室气体排放,约占13%。正负效应之差呈增大趋势,2014年为676 × 108元。论文为安阳市相关农业政策的制定提供了重要的数据和信息基础,为我国其他地方农田生态系统价值评价提供了参考范例。 The research on agro-ecosystem evaluation so far has largely been focusing on large-scale areas such as north China or even the whole China territory; little attention has been paid to local city or county levels, less to dynamic changes of agro-ecosystem values over time. This has become an inconvenience when it comes to make a policy about agro-ecosystem due to the lack of relevant data or information. In this paper, we evaluated the positive and negative effects of the agro-eco- system on a local city level, using Anyang city of Henan province as an example, and we did a dynamic analysis on the changes of agro-ecosystem value for the years of 2008-2014. We carried out the evaluations of positive and negative effects by using modified methods used in other studies, based on data collected from official Henan Yearbooks of these years. The positive effects include agricultural production, social security, soil conservation, soil carbon fixation, photosynthesis oxygen release, air cleaning, and nutrients cycling, and the negative effects include underground...


Negative Value Anyang City Positive Effects Local Levels Soil Carbon Fixation Greenhouse Gas Emission Agricultural Production Value Nutrients Cycling Total Value Pesticide Pollution

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