The article examines the tendency of the traveler to seek solitude with himself and his thoughts. Solitude has received a new wave of popularity on the international and domestic tourist market. There is an increasing rejection of mass group tours and trips (based on statistical data). According to a study by the World Travel and Tourism Council, about half of travelers worldwide traveled within their own country. In Ukraine, solo travel has doubled. According to the results of a survey conducted by the European Tourist Commission, the majority of Europeans in 2022 preferred short-term trips to less crowded, unfamiliar places, natural sites, national parks, rural settlements, protected areas. The issue of security is important. Travel insurance is always a good idea. The understanding of the role of a healthy lifestyle is growing. The importance of a healthy ecology is growing for solitary rest. This promotes interest in tourism in forest and rural regions, in particular, on weekends. There is an increase in demand for places where there is a balanced interaction of local residents and nature, hospitality and respect for privacy. Accordingly, the use of houses or separate apartments, tents is increasingly popular. All this affects the demand and supply of services in the tourist market. Secluded rest provides self-development and a unique experience of self-discovery, restoration of a person's physical and psychological health. It provides ample opportunities for self-reflection and growth with the joy of unlimited freedom. Unique design projects of houses, chalets or small hotels for comfortable seclusion in the forest or mountains, near water bodies or in the valley. Ukraine, thanks to its natural wealth, offers a choice of many ideal locations for seclusion from negative information and instability of the outside world to deepen your inner world. The importance of a healthy ecology of the country is growing for secluded recreation. Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the internet, mobile apps and social media. They are used to obtain information or purchase any tourist services. Thus, the established trend will contribute to the construction of quality tourist products with selected customer segments.

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