Historical and social-educational ideas | VOL. 13

Образовательные стратегии молодежи в СССР в 1950–1960-е годы

Publication Date Aug 29, 2021


Introduction. Currently, the Russian Federation is implementing a state youth policy, the goal of which is to create the necessary conditions for self-realization of youth and their active inclusion in social processes. In this regard, the task of studying the historical experience of the USSR in the field of implementing state youth policy in the 1950s–1960s is actualized. At that time the interests and needs of youth began to be widely taken into account for the first time in the implementation of socio-economic development programs, including in the field of education. The article analyzes the conditions, causes and consequences of the choice of educational strategies by young people, reveals the relationship between the material capabilities of society and the social aspirations of young people. Sources and Methods. This problem is viewed from the point of view of social history, within the framework of the concept of "socialist welfare state". The research is based on archival materials from the collections of GA RF, RGANI, RGASPI. Analysis. The educational opportunities of young people in the early 1950s were significantly limited by the low quality of education, its partial payment; the dominance in the school system of the incomplete seven-year secondary school; a limited number of educational institutions providing vocational training on the basis of a complete secondary school; poor development of evening and distance learning. One of the main negative factors in the choice of educational strategies was the low s...


Low Quality Of Education Choice Of Strategies Partial Payment Development Of Distance Learning Implementation Of Social Policy Abolition Of Fees Quality Of Education Field Of Education Implementation Of Development Programs Archival Materials

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