Konfliktologia | VOL. 14


Publication Date Jul 28, 2019


This article analyzes the impact of ethno-religious conflict on national security in the context of the radicalization of their ideological component. The nature of ethnoreligious conflicts lies in the unequal position in the system of social coordinates, but at the same time relatively unfree development and restriction of the interest arising from social conditions of life, which receives final social life and satisfaction as a result of its political legitimation, manifested in the form of state support. Every ethnoreligious conflict is a symptom of both the lack of equality and freedom, manifested primarily in ideological radicalization, striving for fundamentalism, extreme forms of conscious and unconscious aggression, reduced from an ideological state to extremist actions, which creates a real danger and threat to social and national security. The growth of ideological tension and subsequent conflict actions reaches the limits beyond which the existing security system either actualizes its protective functions, or seeks to change the degrees of equality and freedom of actualized interest. While in the first case, the state, in an effort to maintain the security system at the same level, uses coercive legal instruments, which manifest themselves in other forms of coercion than before, in the second case, both the normative and social coordinates of the realization of ethnic and religious interest, and then in the second case, both the normative and social coordinates of the realization of ethnic and religious interest a...


Form Of State Support Religious Interest Social Conditions Of Life Ideological Radicalization Existing Security System Forms Of Coercion Ethno-religious Conflict Ethnic Interest National Security Ideological Component

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