In weed control the aims of securing crop productivity and protecting biodiversity are often difficult to reconcile. Currently, the development of autonomous in-field intervention technology, such as field robots, is creating new potential for minimizing trade-offs between these two aims. To exploit this potential, weed management strategies need to adapt. However, it is currently unclear which kind of input information (e.g. weed cover, number of weeds, weed species identity) is required for such a targeted approach, and which impacts the robotic application has on the trade-off between crop yield and biodiversity. Here, we used a dataset from organically farmed fields to assess several weed management strategies, simulating robot-supported weed control. Specifically, we used within-field heterogeneity of several weed and crop productivity variables to model effects of different kinds of input information for a hypothetical, spatially selective robotic weed control system. The results showed that, at a defined yield loss, gamma diversity (number of weed species on the entire investigated area) is maintainable to a large degree, even without information on weed or crop heterogeneity within the field being used to decide where to weed. However, to maintain alpha diversity (average number of weed species per plot), more spatially explicit input information is required, such as on the number of species per plot, weed quantity (weed cover per species), and weed competitiveness. Consequently, a weeding robot would have to be technically capable of distinguishing between individual weed species, measuring weed cover, processing captured information in real time and removing weeds at per-plant level. Further, it could be shown that the success of such a complex weed management strategy is independent of the degree of spatial heterogeneity of crop yield and of the present level of weed species richness.

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