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Time-keeping and decision-making inthecell cycle.

Publication Date Aug 6, 2022


Cell growth, DNA replication, mitosis and division are the fundamental processes by which life is passed on from one generation of eukaryotic cells to the next. The eukaryotic cell cycle is intrinsically a periodic process but not so much a 'clock' as a 'copy machine', making new daughter cells as warranted. Cells growing under ideal conditions divide with clock-like regularity; however, if they are challenged with DNA-damaging agents or mitotic spindle disrupters, they will not progress to the next stage of the cycle until the damage is repaired. These 'decisions' (to exit and re-enter the cell cycle) are essential to maintain the integrity of the genome from generation to generation. A crucial challenge for molecular cell biologists in the 1990s was to unravel the genetic and biochemical mechanisms of cell cycle control in eukaryotes. Central to this effort were biochemical studies of the clock-like regulation of 'mitosis promoting factor' during synchronous mitotic cycles of fertilized frog eggs and genetic studies of the switch-like regulation of 'cyclin-dependent kinases' in yeast cells. In this review, we uncover some secrets of cell cycle regulation by mathematical modelling of increasingly more complex molecular regulatory networks of cell cycle 'clocks' and 'switches'.


Copy Machine Cell Cycle Control In Eukaryotes Cyclin-dependent Kinases Mechanisms Of Cell Cycle Control Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Cell Cycle DNA Replication DNA-damaging Agents Cell Division Cell DNA Replication

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