Research objective is interaction of metals and gaseous and liquid environments initial covering metals under the influence of spark categories. Methods layered radiometric analysis of micro-, macro - and electron microscope of autoradiography, x-ray, x-ray spectrum and microdynamical analyses phase composition were formed by electric-spark alloying coverage and diffusion zone between the coating and the substrate, the length of diffusion zone and localization of alloying atoms when machining Titanium and Nickel in environments containing carbon. The role of the density and the physical state of the environment in the penetration and dissolution of carbon atoms is shown. Mechanical properties of the processed materials are defined. The work was carried out using three environments in different states of aggregation, containing various amounts of carbon. Diffusion alloying element (carbon) and atoms of basic metals (Nickel, titanium), and phase composition of the formed coating were considered by metals subjected to ESA in gaseous media: methane CH 4 and carbon dioxide CO 2 in the chamber pressure of 0.1 MPa, and carbon-containing liquid environment glycerine. For galvanic coatings electrolytes and modes of application, allowing to receive layers gloss, with good adhesion, constanting thickness and composition throughout the treated surface. Processing of samples spark discharges and coating was carried out at the installation of Elitron-22. In experiments contactless method of doping was used, which ranged value of the interelectrode gap l ig from 0.5 to 2 mm. Experiments were performed in a special chamber where we put the appropriate environment. It is established that the application of the original multicomponent coatings and use of liquid and gaseous media with high contenting of carbon in combination with carbon anode in the process spark alloying metals allows to give the near-surface layers of Titanium and Nickel new properties that provide the necessary performance.

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