AbstractThe paper focuses on the main directions of the transition to the sustainable development of industrial enterprises based on digital technology. To fulfill the principles of sustainable development related to responsible consumption and lean production, digital technological approaches are proposed to minimize environmental damage. A study related to the current application of digital technology in industrial enterprises has shown an insufficient level of implementation of advanced technological solutions based on digitalization. In particular, the bulk of digital technology belongs to broadband Internet, while more advanced digital technologies are rarely implemented. To introduce advanced technological directions based on digital solutions in the industry, we propose methods based on process, industry, and technological approaches to ensure the sustainable development of Russian industrial enterprises. The use of digital technology will reduce the consumption of resources in industrial enterprises, ensure effective environmental monitoring, reduce the environmental damage caused, etc. The research pays special attention to the use of digital technologies that allow tracking the entire life cycle of a product from production to disposal. The research substantiates the necessity of creating conditions for the interest of all participants in this process and the importance of the transition to sustainable development based on the digitalization of industrial enterprises, considering economic feasibility. Based on the proposed approaches, the basic principles of sustainable development of industrial enterprises using digital technology will be implemented.KeywordsSustainable developmentIndustryDigital technologyEconomyInnovationsJEL ClassificationO33L52Q56Q57

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