Abstract Cause of tumor formation in NICOTIANA hybrids. Further serological studies. — Additional researches have been carried out about genetical tumors in genus Nicotiana. By means of serological procedure the affinity among pairs of species that give rise to tumorous and non-tumorous hybrids has been tested, considering also their phyletic interrelation. Using ion exchange chromatography a qualitative analysis of the total proteins of tumorous and non-tumorous tissue of hybrids and of normal leaves taken from hybrids and their parental species was carried out. Serological analysis of affinity between the species tested gave following results: 1) higher serological affinity was found between species belonging to the same subgenus than between species belonging to different subgenera. 2) serological affinity between pairs of species giving rise to tumorous hybrids is higher than the affinity observed between other pairs of species that give rise to normal hybrids in spite of the same sistematic position....

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