Purpose of the study. Statistical research of the socio-economic development issues of the region acquires special significance in crisis situations. Statistical methods make it possible to quantify the current situation, identify the impact of crisis phenomena and forecast the development of the region. In the analysis of socio-economic development, both economic characteristics (GDP, production and distribution) and direct indicators of the standard of living of the population (unemployment level, personal income and wages) are the key ones. The purpose of this paper is to statistically assess the impact of crisis situations on the socio-economic situation in St. Petersburg.Materials and methods. The information base for the study was official data from the Federal State Statistics Service. The paper uses methods of time series analysis, cluster analysis and analysis of structural changes.Results. Based on the results of the study, the main periods in the dynamics of the main socio-economic indexes were identified. Special attention is paid to studying the structure of GRP of St. Petersburg. Emphasis is placed on comparing the dynamics of regional indexes with data for the federal district and the Russian Federation as a whole. The features of the city’s development are considered using cluster analysis according to the current range of factors for different time periods. An assessment of the achievement of key planned indexes is given and a comprehensive index is proposed for assessing the development of the dynamics of the socio-economic development of the region. Particular attention is paid to analyzing the impact of crisis situations on the socio-economic status of the region and assessing the degree of their impact.Conclusion. Based on the results of the analysis, recommendations were given for the development of the region, which can be used in the implementation of socio-economic policy. Particular attention is paid to indexes of living standards. 

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