Applied Physics Letters | VOL. 121

Spin motive force induced by parametric excitation

Publication Date Nov 21, 2022


Spin motive force generated by parametrically excited magnetization dynamics is numerically investigated. We calculate spin motive force in a permalloy disk under an ac magnetic field with twice the ferromagnetic resonance frequency parallel to the static magnetic field based on the Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equation. We found that large spin motive force originating from standing spin waves driven by parametric excitation appears in the system. The observed time dependence of the voltage shows a dc voltage with an ac component oscillating with twice of the resonance frequency. The estimated amplitude of the voltage due to the spin motive force is [Formula: see text]. We also investigate spin motive force driven by different modes of standing spin waves. Our numerical results extend the way to generate spin motive force by making use of the magnetization dynamics with the steep spatial modulation created by nonlinear spin waves excitation, without a non-uniform magnetization structure such as a conventional magnetic domain wall and a vortex.


Spin Motive Force Landau Lifshitz Gilbert Equation Standing Spin Waves Parametric Excitation Permalloy Disk Ac Magnetic Field Magnetization Dynamics Spin Waves Conventional Wall Resonance Frequency

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