With the wide application of 3D face reconstruction technology in the fields of face recognition, security early warning, and target tracking in recent years, the research of 3D face reconstruction methods has become a hot spot in the field of computer vision. Although the 3D reconstruction technology has certain theoretical support and wide application basis, how to ensure the authenticity and accuracy in the process of restoring the face is still a difficult research point for a long time. This paper focuses on the 3D face reconstruction technology, mainly focusing on the 3D face reconstruction algorithm based on the single face image as input, and conducts related research. They mainly include model-based 3D reconstruction and end-to-end reconstruction algorithms. Compared with the traditional face reconstruction algorithm based on multiple images, the use of single 2D image for 3D reconstruction has more prominent advantages in terms of economy and time cost. It makes mobile 3D face offline reconstruction possible. It will bring more real and objective application prospects to the future public safety guarantee, and make the construction of smart cities possible.

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