Salivary duct carcinoma(SDC) is a rare and aggressive tumor of the salivary glands that often occurs in men between the fifth and sixth decades of life. standard treatment is based on wide surgical resection of the primary tumor with lymph node dissection, followed by postoperative radiotherapy. The place of chemotherapy in the treatment of SDC remains unknown. In this publication, authors report a case of SDC of the left parotid gland. A 28-year-old male suffered from a painful neck mass associated with hearing loss that had been evolving for 6 months. The patient initially had a cervical CT scan and a parotid MRI, which showed a tumor of the left parotid gland. He initially had a total parotidectomy preserving the facial nerve with an ipsilateral neck dissection, as the intraoperative histological examination was in favor of malignancy. The final analysis of the surgical specimen concluded to a ductal carcinoma of the parotid with lymph node metastasis. Adjuvant radiation therapy has been indicated. The evolution was unfavorable due to the appearance of multisite metastases after one year.

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