Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling | VOL. 62

Multipolar Atom Types from Theory and Statistical Clustering (MATTS) Data Bank: Restructurization and Extension of UBDB

Publication Date Aug 9, 2022


A fast and accurate operational model of electron density is crucial in many scientific disciplines including crystallography, molecular biology, pharmaceutical, and structural chemistry. In quantum crystallography, the aspherical refinement of crystal structures is becoming increasingly popular because of its accurate description in terms of physically meaningful properties. The transferable aspherical atom model (TAAM) is quick and precise, though it requires a robust algorithm for atom typing and coverage of the most popular atom types present in small organic molecules. Thus, the University at Buffalo Databank (UBDB) has been renamed to the Multipolar Atom Types from Theory and Statistical clustering (MATTS) data bank, broadened, restructured, and implemented into the software DiSCaMB with 651 atom types obtained from 2316 small-molecule crystal structures containing C, H, N, O, P, S, F, Cl, and Br atoms. MATTS2021 data bank now covers most of the small molecules, peptides, RNA, DNA, and some frequently occurring cations and anions in biological, pharmaceutical, and organic materials, including the majority of known crystal structures composed of the above elements. The multipole model parameters (Pval, κ, κ', Plm) obtained for different atom types were greatly influenced by neighboring atom types, hybridization, geometrical strain in the ring system, and charges on the molecule. Contrary to previous findings, the atoms showing variable oxidation states and ions deviate from the linear dependence of monopole-derived char...


Atom Types Small Molecules Quantum Crystallography Data Bank Geometrical Strain Small Organic Molecules Br Atoms Statistical Clustering Structural Chemistry Crystal Structures

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