Non-healing wounds are a global health problem. Substances that enhance cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and prevention of bacterial infections accelerate the wound healing process. In this study, the wound healing potential of Ziziphus oenoplia, is investigated for its ability in cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and antibacterial potential. The potential of cell proliferation enhancement (mean percent wound closure) and angiogenic response (mean vascular index) of hexanes, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, and methanol extracts of leaf and bark of Z. oenoplia were evaluated by scratch wound assay (SWA) using Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells and chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay, respectively. The antibacterial activity of these extracts was evaluated against Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa by disc diffusion method. Enhanced cell proliferation was shown by the hexanes, dichloromethane, and ethyl acetate extracts of leaf and the hexanes extract of bark. An enhanced angiogenic response was shown by the methanol and ethyl acetate extracts of leaves and the methanol and hexanes extracts of bark. Dichloromethane extract of both leaf and bark showed considerable antibacterial activity against P. aeruginosa which is less susceptible to common antibiotics. SWA-directed fractionation of the hexanes extract of the leaf has resulted in the isolation and identification of an active fraction showing mean percent wound closure of 86.4% (positive control 90.2%) and mean vascular index of 34.5 (positive control 48.6). This fraction contained lupeol, α-amyrin, β-amyrin, hexacosanol, and octacosanol. The present study provides supportive evidence for the potential of wound healing enhancement of leaf and bark extracts of Z. oenoplia.

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