The crime of digital terrorism (terrorism via internet) is a kind of terrorist crimes. The terrorist crime is very old and taken place for a long time in different kinds, but its new kind is digital terrorism took place due to the technological advance witnessed by the world. The terrorist crime could be confronted by the traditional legal texts. Such legal texts cannot face the digital terrorism which means that there should be new legal frame works that enable the societies to face the crime of digital terrorism, terrorism via internet on one hand. This kind of crime is taken place by a means totally different from that terrorist crime before on the other hand. Sometimes these means are considered crimes even there is no action to be punished. The use of internet in certain methods to reach certain goal is formed a crime whether actually there is terrorist crime or not.This means that confronting the crime of digital terrorism entails removing a number of criminal rules even some constitutional criminal principles in order to face such crime and punish the doers. Thus, the rules governing the terrorist crime whether of responsibility or punishment are different from the rules that governing the normal crimes and sometimes are exception of the general rules. This topic has been dealt with from the legal angel with statistics done by surveying to collect data to find out the other legal opinions.

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