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How to take speed decisions consistent with the available sight distance using an intelligent speed adaptation system

Publication Date Sep 1, 2022


Travelling at excessive speed increases the risk of having a road crash. Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) systems might help the driver to make safe speed decisions along road sections with limited visibility. A recently developed ISA system, called V-ISA (Hazoor et al., 2021), is able to estimate the dynamic (real-time) speed limit, based on the prevailing sight conditions and stopping distance. The V-ISA operates in the following three ways: it can (i) display visual information, (ii) alert the driver with a warning sound, and/or (iii) intervene directly to modify and control vehicle speed. The effects of V-ISA on driving performance have yet to be investigated. Thus, the question of whether V-ISA modulates driving speed choice remains open. Here, we assessed the impact of V-ISA variants on driver speed choice. Thirty expert drivers experienced four simulated driving conditions, in which the three V-ISA variants together with the V-ISA off control condition were tested separately. Furthermore, drivers were asked for feedback on the acceptance and usability of the three V-ISA. Our results suggested that V-ISA was effective in mitigating the risks associated with speeding, with relatively high acceptance and perceived usability levels. The results indicate that V-ISA can have a positive impact on road safety by helping drivers to modulate their chosen driving speed.


Intelligent Speed Adaptation Systems Intelligent Speed Adaptation Intelligent Speed Adaptation System Driver Speed Choice Speed Adaptation System Control Vehicle Speed Sight Distance Speed Choice Stopping Distance Limited Visibility

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