Science of The Total Environment | VOL. 729

Highly efficient colorimetric CO2 sensors for monitoring CO2 leakage from carbon capture and storage sites

Publication Date Aug 1, 2020


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology used for reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions involves the capture of CO2 from industrial sources and its injection into geological sinks, such as oil reservoirs and abandoned gas fields. To ensure environmental and public safety in implementing CCS technology, efficient CO2-monitoring technology must be developed to detect potential CO2 leakage from CCS sites. Conventional CO2 sensors used for monitoring CCS sites are typically high in cost and require professional staff for maintenance. In this study, we developed a portable and low-cost colorimetric CO2 sensor with high soil CO2 detection efficiency for CCS sites. The sensor consists of a detection solution that contains the pH indicator cresol red encapsulated with a gas-permeable membrane. When CO2 enters the sensor through the membrane, the color of the pH indicator changes and this was quantified using an RGB (red, green, blue) application (app), an app that measures the RGB values of a given color. The change in G and B values of the detection solution showed a significant linear relationship with soil CO2 concentration determined via non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) CO2 sensor (r2=0.98, p=0.001), and thus these values were used for quantification of CO2 concentration. Tests using CO2-injection chamber showed that the optical CO2 sensors can detect soil CO2 concentration of 0.1 to 30% within a few minutes. Field studies conducted at a natural CO2 vent and an artificial CO2 leakage site showed that the optical CO2 sensors can...

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