Abstract Atmosphere; is one of the four globes (Atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lythosphere) and is consisted of several gases. These are permanent and of constant quantity gases (nitrogene 78,9%, 20,95 oxygen and Nobel gases), permanent and unstable gases (carbon dioxide 0,03%, water vapour %0,25-%3) and temporal gases. Those permanent and stable gases are the necessary factors for the balance of continuity of living. Temporal and unstable gases in the atmosphere are mostly influential over climate and aerial events. The place where the pollutants is effective is the 3-4 km part of Troposphere that is among the layers that form atmosphere (tropospher, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. Pollutants are generally examined in two big groups as ‘primary pollutants’ that directly penetrate into atmosphere from a particular source in general and ‘secondary pollutants’ that are formed by several mechanisms. Sulphuredioxide,nitrogeneoxide, corbonmonoxide, hydrocarbons, metals, carbondioxide and particular substances are the examples of primary, cloroflorocarbon and ozone are the examples of secondary pollutants. This classification formed as primary and secondary pollutants are accepted as the fundamental pollutants of atmosphere. In this study, after giving the statistics and maps about the distribution of fundamental pollutants in EU countries primarily, pressure systems in the world and how the pollutants from EU countries reach Turkey and their effects over Turkey were mentioned.

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