Purpose. The aim of the article is determining the conditions of rational use of agricultural land conditions and substantiation of measures to optimize the distribution and rational use of agricultural land. Methodology of research. General scientific and special methods are used to achieve this goal: the dialectical method of scientific knowledge – to consider the essence of the rational use of land and its protection; synthesis – to clarify the relationship between the subjects of land relations; analysis – to assess the constituent elements of agricultural land; graphic – for visual display of the obtained results; abstract and logical method – for the formation of conclusions and research proposals. Findings. The state and rational use of land in the region and the state are studied. The structure of agricultural lands in Ivano-Frankivsk region and Ukraine is analysed. The main ecological and economic aspects of land tenure and land use in agriculture are described, including changes in land relations. The main reasons that caused the negative trends of rational use and protection of land in agriculture are identified. Measures have been developed for the rational use of land in the economic activity of land and its protection. Originality. Approaches to the interpretation of the concept of “rational use of land” are systematized and generalized. Measures on rational use of agricultural lands in economic activity are offered, namely: creation and realization of innovative scientific and technical programs in the field of rational use of lands and their protection; improving the regulatory framework in the field of land relations; development of a mechanism for financing programs; introduction of environmentally friendly ways of agricultural production, etc. Practical value. The expediency of studying and forming the conditions of rational use of agricultural lands is proved. The results of the study can be used by agricultural enterprises in conducting business activities. Key words: agricultural lands, rational use of lands, land protection, land tenure, land use, land fund, agricultural enterprises.

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