The article touches upon the problems of organization and semantic direction of professional education of elementary school teachers on the territory of Ukraine at the time of Russian Empire and the Soviet period. The specifics of degree education of future teachers is defined: the way of formation, development, factors, which cause their changes.The periodization of this process, created by O. Shkvyr is suggested. The role of famous people of the past time in formation and development of fundamental preparation of teachers is mentioned. For example, M. Lomonosov, who suggested to create a special pedagogical educational institution , developed and substantiated mandatory requirements towards practical activity of teachers; K. Ushynskiy , as the author of the first systems of preparation of folk school teachers , recommendations concerning organization of the teachers' seminarium activity and the content of future preparation of folk school teachers. Some aspects touch upon the experience of educational institutions, where professional preparation of teachers for elementary school took place, are also described in this article. Legislative documents and scientific- pedagogical literature, which illustrate the state and content of professional preparation of future teachers of the elementary school on different stages of the society development , are analyzed. Key words: a teacher of the elementary school, content of education, a period, professional preparation, development, formation, degree education.

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