Foreign experience of problem of professional development of future specialists is examined in the article, professional preparation of future teachers of labor studies and technologies is analyzed in particular. A study of scientific materials is undertaken in relation to experience of professional development of future teachers of technologies in countries, that is distinguished by the high level of pedagogical education, - to the USA, Great Britain and Poland. Exactly these countries on the draught of many years demonstrate the high indexes of quality education in relation to professional preparation of future teachers and them professional development in further pedagogical activity. The special attention is deserved by schools of professional development of teachers of technologies in the USA, that not only prepare future teachers but also care of professional development of practical teachers-workers, increase of level of their pedagogical activity. Also, it is marked in the article, that at higher school of Great Britain there is support of the state from development of technology, that shows up in providing of standards and software with the aim of realization of competence approach and professional self-development of future teachers and teachers that work. Different vector of forms of organization of educational process at higher school of Great Britain assist a free choice the student of certain form of studies or their combination, to academic mobility with taking into account of his inclinations and making and professional increase of the future specialist. On the basis of analysis of professional preparation at higher school of Poland investigational, that professional development of future specialist comes true through at level to the licentiate and master's degree studios and provided by configuration of approach of the systems from introduction of the Polish system of vocational orientation on studies on speciality to realization of practical preparation with introduction of the modern practice-oriented forms and methods of studies in the conditions of application of interactive technologies in the subject-subject interaction with the teacher of higher school and orientation on self-realization, achievement of success on the stage professional preparation and further professional to development. The results of logical-systemic analysis of scientifically-pedagogical literature in relation to professional development of future teachers of technologies in foreign countries allow to assert that scientists show the increase personal interest the problem of preparation of teachers in other countries. Keywords: professional development, future teacher of labor studies and technologies, specialist, professional preparation, foreign experience

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