Oceania | VOL. 4


Publication Date Jun 1, 1934


a primitive people whose habitat is along the sea-board, and 1 whose food supply is dependent upon their own personal efforts, the activities associated with the securing of a regular and adequate supply of fish are necessarily important in their nature and exacting in their prescription. As a result of his regular association with fish-getting activities, the average male native has an amazing knowledge of the habits, types and value for food purposes of the innumerable varieties of fish found in the adjacent waters. It is almost a daily occurrence for a lad to come for treatment of a profusely-bleeding leg or hand wound inflicted by a fish during its capture. Young men with no very definite family work obligations, lads around the age of puberty for the most part, spend a large part of their time wandering about the reef, spear poised, seeking favourable opportunity to launch it at a reasonable fish target. Whenever such a one meets with success, he saunters back proudly through the village, spear over shoulder, fish impaled on the pointed end for all to see. He is proud of this evidence of his development in manly capabilities. Indeed, to possess a fish " iron " is the ambition of every native youth. The reefs at night frequently look ablaze with lighted " bomboms " (palm fronds, dry) which mark the industrious and patient fishermen of the night. To the lad with the spear, fishing is a game. But to the older man, with family or clan obligations such as the provision of ordinary food on the one hand, or contributing toward...

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Palm Fronds
Personal Efforts
Adjacent Waters
Food Supply
Young Men
Provision Of Food
Leg Wound
Regular Supply
Family Obligations
Development In Capabilities

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