Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences | VOL. 119

Female reproductive aging in seven primate species: Patterns and consequences

Publication Date May 9, 2022


Significance Age-related changes in the capability to produce healthy young are common in humans and are increasingly well documented in nonhuman animals. However, differences among species in the nature of these age-related changes remain poorly understood. We compare patterns and consequences of age-related changes in female reproductive performance in seven primate populations that have been subjects of long-term continuous study for 29 to 57 y. Our analyses of parental age effects on fertility, offspring survival, and offspring development highlight some shared patterns of parental age effects that may be general across the order primates. At the same time, we also identify species-level differences that implicate behavioral and life-history patterns as drivers of the evolution of parental age effects.


Female Reproductive Aging Female Reproductive Performance Age-related Changes Primate Populations Life-history Patterns Offspring Survival Primate Species Nonhuman Animals Order Primates Nature Of Changes

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