Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

Feline Ovarian Pedicle Ligation: A Comparison of Two Techniques Taught among AAVMC Institutions

Publication Date Sep 1, 2022


Ligation of the feline ovarian pedicle during ovariohysterectomy is achieved, principally, via one of the following methods: double ligation of the ovarian pedicle or autoligation of the ovarian pedicle, also known as the pedicle tie. The objective of this study was to assess and quantify two methods of teaching feline ovariohysterectomies, specifically ligation of the ovarian pedicle, at American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges–accredited veterinary schools. Surveys were sent to 52 AAVMC member schools, with an overall response rate of 67.3%. Of the 35 schools that responded to the survey, 34 (97.1%) reported that they teach double ligation of the feline ovarian pedicle, whereas 17 (48.6%) of respondents reported teaching autoligation of the feline ovarian pedicle (2 respondents indicated that a single ligature is sufficient). Only 1 of the schools that reported teaching pedicle ties indicated that it did not teach double ligation of the ovarian pedicle; 16 of the 35 schools that responded to the survey (45.7%) reported teaching both techniques. The results indicate that significantly fewer institutions are currently teaching autoligation of the feline ovarian pedicle than those teaching double ligation of the feline ovarian pedicle.


Ligation Of Pedicle Ovarian Pedicle Single Ligature Techniques Taught Veterinary Medical Colleges Double Ligation Veterinary Schools Member Schools Medical Colleges American Association

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