Bloom ( 1968), in considering student input to instruction, has suggested that group-study procedures effectively increase students' performance. As an extension of Bloom's suggestion, effects of methods of test-taking behavior on performance were compared. While the two heads are better than maxim has logical merit since more alternatives or information could be considered in a group, no data are available on this point. Consequently, it was hypothesized that students who take exams in small groups working for a common grade will perform better than when taking exams individually. During the quarter, 72 college students (25 males, 47 females) enrolled in a course in educational measurement took eight examinations of objective questions taken from the course instructor's manual (Noll, 1972). Four tests (75 questions) were administered in small groups of three students, each of whom completed the test for one score to be received by each member. Ss completed the other four examinations (also 75 questions) individually. The order of method of administration was randomly determined and rhe instrucrional conditions and format did not vary with administration. Following each examination, test papers were scored according to the key in the instructor's manual. Mean number of correct test responses in the small groups was 70.35 (SD of 4.45). The mean for the individual condition was 63.61 (SD of 14.03). A t test of 14.28 (9 < .001; df = 142) indicated a significant difference between the mean scores of the test-taking conditions, i.e., Ss working in small groups and allowed to reach consensus scored significantly higher on such exams than when administered tests individually. The srudy lacked control for such relevant variables as intelligence, locus of control, and persuasiveness of group members. Findings do suggest that the groups of three improved test scores in this course. Further investigation of participation by learners seems in order. REFERENCES

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