Ethnicity and nationality are types of modern social identities that have reformed after being globalized. This research tries to study the role of modernity characteristics on ethnic identity. Research data was collected using a researcher-made questionnaire, and 384 students of Islamic Azad University, Tehran North Branch were selected by non-probability random sampling in 2019. The results show the significant relationship between ethnic identity and modernity characteristics, modern lifestyle (r=-0.66), modern identity (r=-0.74), modern socialization (r=-0.40), and purposeful use of virtual social networks (r= 0.31). In other words, ethnic identities are weakened by the tendency of participants to the western beneficial and individualistic patterns and values adapted with law, avoiding and underestimating religious and traditional norms. Meanwhile, virtual social networks as a modernity tool have been an opportunity to state the ethnics political and social demands particularly frontiersmen such as Kurds and Turks. Principally, they have appeared in the form of dramatic movements and inter-ethnic tensions that following modernity elements finally reduces ethnical belongings and tendency to the global identity, and only purposeful and conscious use of virtual space can bring integrity and vitality of ethnic identity. In addition, it has unified, awakened, and sued ethnics all over the national borders because of mutual history and identity. According to the results of research, the ethnic belonging of Kurdish and Turkish students was higher than others, and these ethnicities have more complete awareness about their history, epic, land, ethnic customs, rituals, industry, style of clothing, and local cuisine. In addition, they adhered to marriage, companionship, and cooperation with their people and were proud of their native names.


  • Ethnic identity is considered as one of the intermediate identities in the modernity era which is beyond the individual identity and is lower than national identity

  • Modernity tools and elements reinforce the Kurds political identity by a focus on the political field of Kurdish ethnic identities such as importance and maneuvering in the field of formation of local parties, participation, and seriousness of Kurdish political demands, the priority of Kurdish films to Iranian films, and are the most correct Kurdish representatives in the elections. Their ethnic identity is weakened by attracting them in the global field, injecting the western pattern and values, individualism, rationalism, and attracting young people to use western products, modern, and western identity

  • Modernity supplied the ethnic identity needs by increasing identity-making resources that were ethnic in the past, and emphasis and advertisement of principals such as freedom, equality, human rights, democracy, and living in the contemporary world that threatens the human and cultural varieties and weakens the ethnic identity

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Ethnic identity is considered as one of the intermediate identities in the modernity era which is beyond the individual identity and is lower than national identity It has changed its nature and separated from its intrinsic form by renaissance and the formation of the industrial revolution, urbanization, religious reform, political revolutions, the emergence of modern governments, etc. The globalization processes such as the daily incremental expansion of media, getting out of the monopoly of media management, and control in the second half of the 20th century increased identity awareness and their representation possibility It increased the identity majority and varieties along with the other cultural and social evolutions (Beheshti and Haghmoradi, 2017). The existence of 29 languages, Kurdish, Turkish, Baluch, Turkmen, Arabian, Lor, and Persian


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