Environmental Impact of Solar and Wind energy- A Review


  • Energy is considered the cornerstone of economic growth [1]

  • This paper provides an overview of the onshore and offshore wind energy and solar PV and concentrating solar power (CSP) energy development

  • Sovacool [99] argues that wind turbines kill about 95% fewer birds compared to fossil fuels

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Energy is considered the cornerstone of economic growth [1]. The continued industrialization and growth of the global economy are dependent upon the availability of energy sources to power our planet. Large scale solar facilities substantially impact the landscape through site preparation, grading, vegetation removal, and construction of roads All of these activities result in dust and particle emissions, especially in the desert and arid regions [51]. The type and capacity of large scale solar systems are the main factors impacting land-use efficiency. During the construction of large scale solar projects, hazards like soil-borne pathogens [92] and different sizes of particulate matter [93, 94] are released These hazards can lower the local air quality and impact public health [95]. The visual impact on the landscape may affect the value and uses of neighboring lands

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