The article reveals the evolution of environmental and food security in Ukraine’s national security strategies during the years of independence. It is determined that at the state level a number of issues related to the creation of the most effective system of environmental and food security of the state within the existing at different stages of statehood National Security Strategies of Ukraine, both at the legislative level and in the functioning of relevant competent government agencies.
 The content of ensuring the ecological and food security of the state in four national security strategies of Ukraine is revealed. It is determined that the issue of environmental and food security of the state needs a clear definition of the state in strategic priorities and goals that should meet current trends in the national economy and world realities in this area.
 Threats to national security in the field of environmental and food security have been studied.
 It was emphasized that in accordance with the Final Provisions of the National Security Strategy of Ukraine 2020 on the development of planning documents in the field of national security and defense, which will determine ways and tools for its implementation, clearly regulates the adoption and approval of the President food security.
 The Strategy of Environmental Safety and Adaptation to Climate Change until 2030, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 20, 2021 in order to increase the level of environmental safety, reduce the impacts and consequences of climate change in Ukraine, is analyzed. The implementation of the Strategy is aimed at fulfilling Ukraine’s international obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of global climate change. The main environmental threats to Ukraine in this Strategy are: a significant level of air pollution, water and land resources, imperfect system of state supervision (control) and monitoring of the environment.
 The draft order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of the Food Security Strategy for the period up to 2030”, which will be aimed at defining priorities in the field of food security as a component of national security, the importance of preventing hunger and malnutrition of the most vulnerable. It will include: the establishment of a system of national and regional food security monitoring to detect and prevent food threats; development and implementation of an action plan to provide the population with food in emergency situations; measures for the development of sustainable agricultural production; diversification of production; creation of sustainable production and marketing systems.
 It is emphasized that the most striking indicator of effective implementation of national Strategies in the field of environmental security and food security should be maintaining the proper natural state of our country’s ecology and the formation of a sufficient level of self-sufficiency in food of Ukraine. The directions of increase of efficiency of maintenance of ecological and food safety of Ukraine are defined.

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