International Journal of Hydrogen Energy | VOL. 46

Energy, exergy, exergo-economic and exergo-environmental analyses of solar based hydrogen generation system

Publication Date Aug 1, 2021


Abstract The present study focuses on the energy, exergy, exergo-economic, and exergo-environmental analyses of the solar-assisted multi-generation system. The multi-generation system consists of parabolic trough solar collector, regenerative power plant, double-effect absorption chiller system, proton exchange membrane electrolyzer, and multi-stage flash desalination plant. In the regenerative power plant, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) based boiler is implemented. The propane (C3H8) is used as the fuel in the boiler combustion chamber. The thermal and exergetic efficiencies of the power cycle are observed to be 41.08% and 23.26%, respectively. The electrical power of 1.384 MW is produced by the low-pressure turbine. Whereas, the thermal COP and exergetic COP are observed and maintained in the range of 1.28 to 0.22, respectively. The liquid hydrogen is produced by the PEM electrolyzer with the thermal and exergetic efficiencies of 60.83% and 64.65%, respectively. Furthermore, the exergo-economics and exergo-environmental analyses have also been conducted and all the parameters have been analyzed and concluded through graphs and tables.


Regenerative Power Plant Multi-stage Flash Desalination Plant PEM Electrolyzer Boiler Combustion Chamber Exergetic COP Liquid Petroleum Gas Exergo-environmental Analyses Thermal COP Multi-generation System Low-pressure Turbine

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