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Energy efficiency and low carbon enabler green IT framework for data centers considering green metrics

Publication Date Aug 1, 2012


The increasing demand for storage, networking and computation has driven intensification of large complex data centers that run many of today's Internet, financial, commercial and business applications. A data center comprises of many thousands of servers and can use as much energy as small city. Massive amount of computation power is required to drive and run these server farms resulting in many challenging like huge energy consumptions, emission of green house gases, backups and recovery; This paper proposes energy efficiency and low carbon enabler green IT framework for these large and complex server farms to save consumption of electricity and reduce the emission of green house gases to lower the effects of global warming. The framework uses latest energy saving techniques like virtualization, cloud computing and green metrics to achieve greener data centers. It comprises of five phase to properly implement green IT techniques to achieve green data centers. The proposed framework seamlessly divides data center components into different resource pools and then applies green metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness, Data Center Effectiveness and Carbon Emission Calculator to measure performance of individual components so that benchmarking values can be achieved and set as standard to be followed by data centers.


Data Centers Green Metrics Green IT Emission Of Greenhouse Gases IT Framework Framework For Data Centers Power Usage Effectiveness Energy Efficiency Framework Benchmarking Values Thousands Of Servers

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