International Journal of Environmental Science and Development | VOL. 4

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Potential of Sugarcane Field Residues Power Generation in Thailand

Publication Date Jan 1, 2013


This paper presents an approach to evaluate the net energy potential of sugarcane field residues in Thailand. It was estimated that around 13,595 ktons of sugarcane field residues was burned in the field annually in the country. Assuming 100% collection efficiency, this amount could be converted to 210.46 PJ through power generation. The quantity of greenhouse gases (GHGs) including CO2, CH4, and N2O emitted from open burning of sugarcane residues was compared to that released from power production using life cycle analysis methodology for the estimation. It was found that the avoided GHG emissions obtained for power generation represent 11,836 ktons CO2equivalent, based on the country specific emission factor of electricity production using coal as fuel of 1.09 kg CO2/kWh. Although this enormous potential for energy production in Thailand, sugarcane field residues availability is subject to seasonal variability, which limits its capacity to serve as fuel for power generation. The total avoided GHG emissions were therefore 11,836 ktons CO2eq and 8,285 ktons CO2eq annually for collection efficiency of 100% and 70%, respectively. Comparatively to the national CO2 emissions from coal power generation of 34,532 ktons CO2eq in 2011, the avoided GHG emissions would be about 34% and 24% for collection efficiency of 100% and 70%, respectively. Index Terms—Greenhouse gas (GHG), sugarcane field residues, power generation, open burning, emission reduction.


Avoided Greenhouse Gases Emissions Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Potential Greenhouse Gases Generation In Thailand Power Generation Quantity Of Greenhouse Gases Production In Thailand Open Burning Sugarcane Residues Potential Of Power Generation

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