Energy and Climate Footprint Towards the Environmental Sustainability

Publication Date Dec 17, 2020


Agriculture has a share of 5% energy use globally. Most of the source is not from the renewable sources leading huge amount of GHG (greenhouse gases) emission. As per the Paris agreement on the use of climate change the major emphasis should be given for reducing GHG emission. Therefore, the process of agriculture needs a modification. It was observed that the various forms of ecological footprint are very important for environmental sustainability of agroecosystem. Energy footprint estimation is a key issue in the era of energy crisis. Improved technology and processes has improved the lifestyle of common man and as a consequence of that the energy consumption has given at tremendous rise. The non-renewable energy sources are declining at a fast rate and therefore, emphasizing switching over to renewable alternatives. Moreover, the energy demand and footprint is increasing day by day. In the agroecosystem with improved agrotechnology and mechanization of the agriculture practices the energy requirement is gradually increasing day by day. It is leading to release of huge amount of GHG emission from the agroecosystem leading to increase in energy subsidy in agriculture sector. Energy footprint estimation in cropping system is therefore most needed aspect at the present time. Further emission of huge amount of GHG from the agroecosystem is creating the problem of climate change and global warming. Therefore, the climate footprint of the earth ecosystem is also reflecting changing pattern. It is also hampering the agricultural ...

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