Nature Communications | VOL. 11

Enantiospecific electrochemical rearrangement for the synthesis of hindered triazolopyridinone derivatives

Publication Date Jul 20, 2020


Triazolopyridinone derivatives are of high value in both medicinal and material chemistry. However, the chiral or hindered triazolopyridinone derivatives remain an underexplored area of chemical space because they are difficult to prepare via conventional methods. Here we report an electrochemical rearrangement for the efficient synthesis of otherwise inaccessible triazolopyridinones with diverse alkyl carboxylic acids as starting materials. This enables the efficient preparation of more than 60 functionalized triazolopyridinones under mild conditions in a sustainable manner. This method is evaluated for the late stage modification of bioactive natural products, amino acids and pharmaceuticals, and it is further applied to the decagram scale preparation of enantiopure triazolopyridinones. The control experiments support a mechanism involving an oxidative cyclization and 1,2-carbon migration. This facile and scalable rearrangement demonstrates the power of electrochemical synthesis to access otherwise-inaccessible triazolopyridinones and may find wide application in organic, material and medicinal chemistry.


Medicinal Chemistry Material Chemistry Modification Of Pharmaceuticals Modification Of Amino Acids Sustainable Manner Value In Chemistry Mild Conditions Natural Amino Acids Conventional Methods Area Of Space

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