Annals of Operations Research

Empirical research on sustainable developmental goals and priorities for water sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Publication Date Nov 27, 2021


Saudi Arabia is dry and devoid of permanent water sources. Saudi Arabia's desalination plants, which provide drinkable water, rely on its oil reserves. It is one of the world's driest countries, but its population uses fresh water at a third rate. Therefore, the most crucial step is to alter people's behavior by using water more efficiently and intelligently by adopting water conservation techniques. Through adopting a strategic water strategy, the Saudi government has simplified the regulatory system in the water sector. It examines the most effective ways to generate and control water through its water policy. This research aims to forecast the water consumption required for different sectors until 2030 in Saudi Arabia and designed an intelligent Water Resource Demand Forecasting (iWRDF) model. This model used the internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics (BDA) in demand forecasting. The experimental outcomes outperform the proposed model with an accuracy of 96.86% than the existing models. Furthermore, this model helps find sustainable developmental goals and priorities for water sustainability in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia World's Driest Sustainable Priorities Driest Countries Saudi Government Sustainable Developmental Goals Internet Of Things Intelligent Forecasting Model Developmental Priorities Water Sector

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