Journal of the Environmental Sciences international | VOL. 22

국내 일반공항에서 항공기에 의한 대기오염물질과 온실가스의 배출량 산정 및 특성 분석

Publication Date Jul 31, 2013


Abstract Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHGs) from aircraft activities at 11 small-scale airports were investigated using the emissions and dispersion modeling system (EDMS) version 5.1.3 during the two year period of 2009~2010. The number of landing and take-off (LTO) at these airports was dominant for the aircraft type B737, accounting for more than 60% of the total LTOs. Out of the 11 small-scale airports, Gwangju (GJ, RKJJ) airport was the largest emitter of air pollutants and GHGs, whereas Yangyang (YY, RKNY) airport was the smallest emitter. The emissions of NO x and VOCs in 2010 at the 11 airports ranged from 1.9 to 83 ton/y and 0.1 to 17 ton/y, respectively. In 2010, the emissions of CO 2 ranged from 394 to 21,217 ton/y. The emissions of most air pollutants (except for NO x and PM 10 ) and GHGs were estimated to be the highest in taxi-out mode. The highest emissions of NO x and PM 10 were emitted from climb-out and approach modes, respectively. In addition, the total LTOs at the 11 small-scale airports accounted for the range of 9.3~9.9% of those at four major international airports in Korea. The total emissions of air pollutants and GHGs at the 11 airports ranged from 4.8 to 12% of those at the four major airports. Key words: Aircraft. EDMS, Air pollutants, Greenhouse gas, Emission, Airport

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