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Emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants from commercial aircraft at international airports in Korea

Publication Date Dec 1, 2012


Abstract The emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and air pollutants from aircraft in the boundary layer at four major international airports in Korea over a two-year period (2009–2010) were estimated using the Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS) (i.e. activity-based (Landing/Take-Off (LTO) cycle) methodology). Both domestic and international LTOs and ground support equipment at the airports were considered. The average annual emissions of GHGs (CO 2 , N 2 O, CH 4 and H 2 O) at all four airports during the study period were 1.11 × 10 3 , 1.76 × 10 −2 , −1.85 × 10 −3 and 3.84 × 10 8  kt yr −1 , respectively. The emissions of air pollutants (NO x , CO, VOCs and particulate matter) were 5.20, 4.12, 7.46 × 10 −1 and 3.37 × 10 −2  kt yr −1 , respectively. The negative CH 4 emission indicates the consumption of atmospheric CH 4 in the engine. The monthly and daily emissions of GHGs and air pollutants showed no significant variations at all airports examined. The emissions of GHGs and air pollutants for each aircraft operational mode differed considerably, with the largest emission observed in taxi-out mode.

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